The Wilderness

The sun had set. Darkness was widespread in the region. The day was also gloomy.

Vikram’s father, Baldev, had not returned from hunting yet. Vikram was starving. But that didn’t bother him. The whole tribe was waiting for him.

Nearly after 1 hour past sunset, a single man returned.

He said, “The monster is back! It took everyone else. It didn’t see me and Baldev. But Baldev followed the monster to rescue them. ”

Vikram was dumbstruck.

He then observed that the man’s leg was bleeding heavily. He was the last man in the tribe. He was 15 years old. According to tribe rules, children below 17 were not eligible for hunting.

Their training begins at 15. Vikram’s training just started yesterday.

He shrugged, and he knew what he must do. He picked up his axe and a small spear. He waved his ill mom, and his little brother goodbye, and walked into the wilderness.


He had reached the stream. The stream surrounded the tribe, so that they would stay safe from predators. Once he crossed the stream, there was no coming back. He either had to hunt, or die. His heart was pounding, and he decided to go back.

He turned around and took a few steps.

Then he heard a large scream. He turned around, as his heart skipped a beat. He looked around and found nothing at all.

He was very afraid and ran. He ran, and ran, and ran. He didn’t see the tribe. He just saw wilderness.

He then realised he crossed the stream. He didn’t know why or when he did it, but he did it.

He looked around. He heard faint animal noises. He didn’t hear any stream.

Then he heard the most terrifying sound for any man. The sound came from very close. He knew what it was.

A lion’s roar. He gripped the axe as he saw the yellow eyes in darkness.

                                                         -TO BE CONTINUED…..



Sweat was dripping all over his body. He held the axe tight. He was hyperventilating. He rubbed sweat from his eyes.

He took the spear in other hand. He aimed it at the lion. The lion was coming slowly towards him. He was a very strong man, but he never fought even a man. He heard stories of dozens people getting killed by lions.

He knew he was going to die, but he was not ready to give uo without a fight. Yesterday’s training was in his mind. He only learned about positions of attacking and defending. He was in attacking position now.

The lion now marched towards him with a roar. He threw the spear at lion.

The spear hit the lion hit sure, but the spear bounced away. He shouted his rage out, and marched towards the lion as well. He swung at the right time. But the blunt side of axe hit it. It tumbled over. He gave it no time, and started hitting it.

But no avail.

It stood up with a great force, and the force threw away the axe from Vikram’s sweaty hands. He saw the spear under lion. He went back, as the lion shook its head. He marched back.

The lion jumped at him, he did a somersault and rolled under the lion as it jumped. It clawed his thigh.

He rolled to the other side and picked up the sword. He then felt pain, as blood was gushing through the thigh. He yelled with pain. The lion roared and jumped at him again. This time he crouched and thrust the spear into its belly.

He ended up on the other side. He couldn’t stand up, he just led down and saw the lion. It was bleeding, but it seemed like it didn’t bother it.

He braced for impact and now was ready to die. The lion now marched at him and suddenly, out of nowhere, a large spear came and pierced through the head of the lion.

The lion fell dead.

He looked from where the spear came. He saw a tall man standing on one of the branch, with a whole lot of weapons in his sack which hung on his back.

He said, “We’ll, why are you not thanking me?”

                                                         -TO BE CONTINUED…..



The man was very tall. Vikram looked at his bleeding thigh. He looked again at the tree branch. There was no one.

He looked around and didn’t see him. Where did he go?

He wondered. He was in no position to walk. He opened his upper ware, which was a brown and blue sleeveless.

He tore it off, and wrapped around the wound. He found a broken branch in sight. He crawled to it, and stood with the help of it. He limped in the direction he thought was the tribe. He heard a water source near. He almost ran there.

He found that it was not the stream which went around his tribe, it was something else. He lost control of the body as he saw the stream. He jumped down and cupped the water into his hands. He drank it.

It felt like an elixir went down his throat.

 He drank as much as he could, filled his water pouch and washed his wound.

He washed the shirt, and wrapped it around the wound again. He saw no passage across the stream.

And he walked back in the way he came.

He found the lion dead. He cut the skin and wrapped it around his body to keep himself warm.

There were four tribes in the Rivay, the jungle’s name.

He walked, and walked, and walked more. He occasionally saw an animal in distance, and heard elephant noises. The night passed and he was walking without his will. He was just walking and drooping over. An hour after sunrise he fell down, his legs numb and his eyes weak.

He fell down asleep. He knew he wasn’t supposed to, but he just fell asleep.

Then everything passed like a dream. Someone came, carried him and placed him on a bed. He didn’t see anything else, but was sure it wasn’t his tribe. He was afraid it was the East Cannibals of Tao.

He woke up. Wasn’t sure how long he slept. But it was heavenly.

 He walked out of the room. He was on a tree house. The trees were very long, they didn’t have branches till a 30 or 40 feet, and then they were towering till his eyes went.

He walked out and a man was standing in the balcony.

He said, “Thanks”

The man turned, and with a smile he said, “My god, I thought you were dead when I saw you.. lucky for you I saw you..”


“You were wearing a lion’s skin. Did ya’ kill it?”

“Umm.. Not exactly, but you can say that.”

“That’s great man. Many brave warriors in our tribe didn’t survive a lion attack. Hi, I am Arjun. ”

“Where am I?”

“You’re on the north side of the great river.”

“The great river? The one beside Finoi tribe?”, he asked curiously.

“Why are you so shocked? I think you are from our sister tribe of west, aren’t you?”, he asked with suspicion.

Vikram stepped back, and said, “I shouldn’t be here”

“Wait, are you the enemy tribe of south?”, he asked while clutching his knife.




“Oh no!”, Vikram shouted.

He ran inside, grabbed his bag and hurried outside. He dashed through the tea corridor, and ran. After a few seconds, he turned back and found few people chasing him, including Arjun. He also saw few people ahead him, trying to cut him out.

He jumped onto another tree, and ran along that corridor.

“Catch him!!” someone cried.

He ran. His legs were swelling with pain.

He rushed through corridors. On one side he saw the deep cliff. The trees were so tall. On the other side there were houses.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a hand came from house and grabbed him.

The hand pushed him under a bed.

“Why did you run idiot?”, the voice shouted. He was familiar with that voice.

He looked at the face and stunned.

“Amar?” he asked recognising his buddy from his tribe.

“Weren’t you killed by the monster??”

Amar shrugged, and said, “There is no monster in Rivay!!”



Vikram was walking along with Amar in the woods. They walked past the stream already. Amar navigated very well, and Vikram smelled the Manoli flowers, which only flowered in the south tribe.

“Yes, finally we are here.”

They were even carrying two large deers as food for tribe.

He saw the entrance of his village and got shocked.

The houses were burning and half broken.

He ran inside the village, and found every house burning, he saw dead bodies of women and children lying everywhere.

His eyes were blurry, and he fell unconscious as the village burned out.



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