Patient- 27- A Short Story Of Terror

Ok…a story after a long time…and I feel this one is worth the wait…I feel that you will like this..a lot and a lot… Shall we start….Chapter 1- Entering the PlaceThe railway station was old. It was an old railway station. The platform had huge traces of grass emerging from the stone. The benches were broken and the track was filled with dry leaves which fell from the tree beside the track. The station was dimly lit. The midnight fog was still present, making it impossible to see. The platform had nothing, except the old board showing the name of the village. The board was strong, but the name was hard to understand . The day was very cool. The track was covered in obvious signs of not being used. But after long time, a really long time, a train was seen approaching the platform. The train was a long passenger train. It was slow and stopped at the platform. A few tall bodies descended.It was long night for Amar. He was suffering with fever, and the train’s AC compartment definitely shook the hell out of him. He was awake all night, wrapping himself with all the cloth he could find. He felt relief as he saw the station approaching, expecting warmth, but the temperature was worse down here. He wanted to go back to the train. But he stood there, as a gentleman, in his blue shirt and a biscuit colored trouser. He then pulled over his overcoat and buttoned it.
He looked at his assistance and bunch of idiots, according to him. The tall men in the police dress were posing, definitely to drop a impression that they were officials. Amar ignored, and walked along eyeing the surroundings and said to his assistant, “Look at them,” pointing towards the policemen, “ why did they sent these idiots along with us. We can get way better policemen, why these?”
He rubbed his eyes, and then face and exhaled at once. He yelled at the troop, as the train horn almost muffled his voice, “You plan on going there? Or just stand here until the afternoon posing like statues.”
The men mumbled and went forth, descending the stairs as they head towards the exit and entry of station.
Amar expected to see a hill, and scattered houses, and stuff as he went out, but he saw something purely opposite. Nothing. There was practically a whole forest there. The tall trees masked the sun, and apparently there was nothing, or nowhere to go.
Amar thought, What about the transport we are promised? He then went forth as he saw the trees more clearly, he was able to see a few openings, in the dense trees, he sensed something that was not forest. He smelled diesel, and heard low engine sound.
He walked forth anxiously and found the way. I just discovered a secret trail. He saw the small path, which was free of dry leaves, as all the place had it. He walked ahead and saw a man and a old car. He almost jogged, happy to feel the heat produced by the engine. His assistant and the others followed him as one yelled at him. But soon, very soon, they reached the end. He wanted to see a road, and he saw it.
It was sandwiched between the forest. And there stood a old car, yet looking rich and royal. He walked to it and he found a man on the other side of the car.
He said in astonishment, “Ha! Just in time, I was about to come and receive you folks, but the car seemed to have a problem. I didn’t want my guest to wait while I repair the car..Hehehehe”, and he laughed. Amar realized that this guy was trying to joke and get friendly with them.
Amar said, in the same friendly tone, “Well we waited in the station..”
The man smiled and showed his hand to the car, motioning to get on.
The car was a old model, but futuristic, looked like cars today, but was surely made ages ago.
The five men hurried. One of the policemen sat in the front seat, and the other four including Amar and his assistant sat back. The place was perfectly enough, as if it was designed after measuring these men.
Amar sat next to one of the police, the one he hated the most. After seeing his over-enthusiasm in train, he decided not to chat with him. His assistant sat at the far end, trying to get some air, perhaps.
Amar said, “Please close the window”, to the man next to him, as a cold wind was blowing. The man replied arrogantly, “ This is my place, let me be …”
“Shut the damn window!!!”, Amar yelled, fed up of his own fever.
“The village is 7 miles from here, but I will take you there in a sec!”, the man said, as the police closed the window.
Then the man started boasting about the car and his owner.
Amar asked, “So, where are gonna stay? A small hut?”, as he got a glimpse of the village, which was looking, well small and not cosy.
Amar developed a huge interest against villages from his childhood itself. He couldn’t remember why, but he got chills and disgust as he heard the term itself. But the man who summoned them here was big enough to resist, and his monetary offer was too big to even think of resisting.
He was about to give a briefing to the men about the case once they reach there. But the men were too lazy, he supposed.
They were reaching the village, and it was nothing like what he expected. There was a large storey building, in old American style, and to astonishment of Amar, that was the smallest. There were several more similar apartments.
The man now replied, as waiting for the cue to reply, “This place once served as a British hospital during the World War 3. They built residential quarters, and all the necessary buildings, but as you know, the war ended with a few strong blows. Americans had to go back, and then the locals took over. It flourished. But due to some unknown catastrophe, most of the population was wiped off. Some people survived and no one ever dared, ever dared to settle here again…” he stopped and as if trying to remember and continued, “then as you know, no facilities reached but still…people are modernizing and the place. And that’s where you are gonna live. ”, he said pointing to a place.
The building was fairly large. It was like a big villa, nothing like Amar had ever seen.
(The World War lll has changed everything. The world went back a few years. Except the fact that there was now a sustainable electricity and loads of lethal stuff now…nothing has changed since the war started. By the way, the year is 2028. The world was very bad now. Nothing had improved. )
The driver stopped near the villa. It was lavish, as far as Amar cared. He stepped out and once again felt the cold air rush in.
The driver said, after noticing Amar, “Don’t worry the heater is on inside and anyways, the day will get hotter.” And he gave out a caring smile.
Amar stepped inside as the driver took the bag from Amar’s hands. “Thank you!”, Amar said genuinely.
He felt the warm air as he stepped past the glass door. For the first time in the day, he felt his nerves soothe and his body relax.
The driver said, “Mr. Amar you’ll be living in the upper quarters in the master bedroom. And you assistant will share your room as per your request.”Amar smiled at that. He continued“…and you three gentlemen will stay a room away from there. I will be your manservant. And ill cook the breakfast shortly…you might take some rest thank you. Ask me if you want anything. Ah…?? That’s it! Of you go..”
The building was a large one. Before Amar was a pair of stairs on the either side, leading to the second floor, and in the same pattern was the stairs on the second floor leading to the third floor and then the terrace.
Amar studied the long way to their rooms. He started and took the luggage and climbed. He reached the third floor at last and saw the balcony facing the entrance of the house which he just came from. He then walked further and saw a very lavish architecture . he spotted his room, and he expected it to be a single room with a small door leading to bathroom. But all his expectations were crushed. He saw a big living room with a table in one of the focci of the oval room. The wall was fitted with a large TV. The whole room was decorated very lavish.
The guy spared no expense!
To the right was two doors and left was two rooms. He dropped his bag to check the rooms. On the right room was a bedroom with a computer on another side. The other room on the right was the reading room. All the sides were filled with the shelves of loads and loads of book. Few tags were on the shelves differentiating them. He then looked at a tag which was longer than the other tags, which read, Details of case and about village.
Suddenly a sound broke out, which came from the corner of the room. Amar looked there and found a speaker. He then listened the words from a voice he heard before, the kind and generous voice of the driver, “The master arranged everything you like, he understood your interests in reading and arranged this, and those are all the records of buildings and events in the village”, as a small holo-hand pointed towards the shelf. The speaker then gave out a small sound which sounded as if the speaker was turned off. He walked out as he found his assistant coming out of another room. “ Its weapons and clothes and all the stuff we need.”
He looked at another room on left. “I don’t know, its locked. Might be another bedroom, we’ll ask the driver about it.”
“I don’t think we’ll need that room anyway. You are gonna sleep in my room. I am afraid of darkness and all the stuff, so please…”
“That’s alright sir!! I understand the fear..”
“Please tell to them that I won’t come down for breakfast. I am feeling ill. You go eat. I’ll give the case briefing after I wake up.”Then he walked into the room, took a blanket from the cupboard, and the slept on the soft bed, as he felt his muscles soothing…and soon he was asleep.*********************************************************************
“Run, Amar!, run!”, a man shouted to him. Amar smiled, but only he was younger. Very young. He ran and he was laughing. There was a lawn around him. And the in the direction of the voice, was a man standing. He was tall, and had long hair, Amar took time to place that he was a man, not woman. The man’s face was familiar, but amar couldn’t remember where he saw it. He kept running and suddenly he was in a room. He was older now, but younger than he should be. He would be around 18 or 20 years.The room was surrounded by walls, no window ans a small, very small grilled door on one end. He ran to that end pounded on the doors. The grill door shook, but showed no sign of opening. He called out . he yelled. He cried. People were walking in the hallway ahead of him, but no one seemed to care. He was weeping and when he turned to the other side, the walls were older and darker. Dark shadows spread over the walls. The walls became completely dark. Some figures marched towards him, and he felt pain and fear.
“Ah!!!!!!!!!!!”, he yelled.
“Boss you alright? Wake up…..Wake up!”, assistant shouted, while shaking him off to wake up.
Amar bolted up, after hearing trustworthy and friendly voice of his assistant. He was sweating, but that was a relief, he no longer felt ill. He wiped his forehead, and looked at the face of his assistant. He was a big man, who provided brawn to the brain of his, which made them the most successful duo in their city. He was relieved and thanked the assistant.
Then he asked, “How long did I sleep?”, Amar asked after finding no clocks in the room.
“Long enough, it’s a little before lunch now, the man announced to come to lunch in 20 minutes, and that was before 15 minutes.’, he replied.
“Thank you Travis, if you didn’t wake me, you would have been searching a new master.”, Amar said. Travis gave a gentle smile, and said, “You might wanna bath, and brush your teeth.”, after looking at sweat surrounded body of Amar.
“I know, and I will..”
The lunch was delicious. Amar never ate a more extravagant food, and most of all, in a extravagant way. He was served everything, from the main course to the dessert. He was sure, a few more days of eating here will result 4 inches of fat at least.
He came up to room, after climbing all the stairs, he felt a bit better in his stomach. He said to
Travis who ate almost half the whole food prepared, “Can you please call all the idiots into the room, I wanna give them the case briefing.”
Chapter-2 – The Case
All the idiots came. They were all sitting in the sofa in living room. While Travis and Amar sat in a luxurious custom made chair. Amar liked the chair, and decided to take that chair too, as the fee in case. But then he started speaking.
“I guess, you already know why we are here. But it’s a formality to do the briefing, so let me say it. There is this rich man’s son, who liked this place, for its natural atmosphere. And one day, he went missing. Two days later, yeah, he was found in the lake…murdered. The man’s father happens to be a general while the war…here, so he wants me to find the murderer, and as he needs people for legal issues, he asked for three puppets to look after that. You can ask me any case details, or check up in that library for the issues of the village. ”
He gave a big pause, remembering if there was anything else. Then he ended, “Thank you!”
As the men were walking, “…And finally, let me know your names.. ”
They replied in the old army fashion with the army accent, “Stuart! Dan! Carl!”Amar then quoted Dumbledore, “Of you go!”************************************Part two on the way, and it’ll be the main story…Thank you…

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