How To Get More Followers Instantly.. Very Fast..(I won’t say ‘Blog Regularly’ or something like that…)

I am not gonna tell Blog regularly.. or convert to business plan….. No!!

So..we all strive to get followers.. That’s the wish of bloggers.. So let’s start…

1.Search for new and recent bloggers..

Search for new bloggers and people who are new to WordPress. bloggers are likely to follow any blogger who likes their posts or follows their blog…So search for new bloggers…!!!


2. Search for people who have a similar blog to yours..

People tend to follow people just like them.

So, try to find a blog similar to yours and like them..if they have too many likes.. You can add a attractive comment to attract then towards your blog…So this will also work..


3. Do not hesitate to add tags

Add as many tags as you could..add tags you think they are not necessary..add tags which people might search for..

For example you are writing a horror story about haunted house…you can add tags like..

Horror, short story, story, haunted house, scary story, series(if you are planning a sequel), tale, ghost tale, thriller…and….

This will really help to get more followers…

Thank you…I hope this will work for you and please let me know queries in comments..

Please like and share..

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