5 Tips To Add Humor While Writing…

I know I am also naive, but yeah I think this may work for many…so let’s get started..Comedy is a element which is very important for a story…very important. Actually stories without comedy may deliver us satisfaction.. But no enjoyment..And some people,even me, can’t understand how to put comedy…And then end up making bad comedy…which is worse…so I’ll give a few tips..which will mostly work..

1. An Extremely Dumb Character

Is there is an extremely dumb character, then the fun is always unlimited. We can go in many ways. For example-DraxHe is dumb and they can make extreme fun with his talking alone.

2. A Joke In A Serious Situation

Yes..jokes in a serious situation will help. And if the other man expresses hours reaction… It will be way better..

3. Pop Culture References

What’s better than a great pop culture reference in your story while narration or the dumb person’s dialogue..For examples..Star Wars references in Spiderman movies…And others…

Now I am gonna give the best idea..

4. Irony

Nothing is as good as irony while making comedy. Everyone thinks something would happen and it all goes to hell..it would be literally awesome..I really can’t explain it properly..A man claiming something so hard and just the same happening…For example.. Sam Neil in Jurrasic Park 3 says, “No force in this Earth or heaven is going to make me go back to that island..”. And after a couple of minutes he’s on the island..See.. It would work..

5. Fear

Play with the fear of your characters… People really laugh out to other’s problems and situations.. Play with them…They were real give a good thing to laugh out..Not only fear.. But you can play with every emotion if theirs…. Anger, Sadness, frustration, happiness, curious, sadism, cruelty…What not!!!Play with them…

Thank you for seeing this…I hope you like this and please give me feedback..Thank you…

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  1. చుక్కలు కొంచెం తగ్గినట్టున్నాయి? Hahaha

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    1. RadheshGorle says:

      Keyboard marchanu… Hehe

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  2. Good bro.. ! 👍

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