Warriors of the World

This is the list of top 3 warriors. There are many warriors, but I feel these are special. 3. Alexander – The Great A world conquer, the best warrior, some say. He deserves a position in this list of greatest warriors. He was the worst nightmare for many kings. He defeated many kings and wanted […]

“Let’s Fly”#4 – The End

Contd from #1, #2 and #3 Sean and John seemed extremely disappointed. Gary thought they will break into anger and hit him or scold him. But no. They understood maybe, that Gary was not able to resist himself. Then Gary said, ” Take me. ” “What?” that asked in an interrogating tone. ” We needed […]

Dark side of the coin….review

Hey guys, I’m back with a new review. This book ain’t that famous I guess. But this book, once it gets popular it’s gonna be the one of the favourites. OK, the book is Dark side of the coin by Nagendra Sarma. He’s also on WordPress. Ok, the book is a very good mixture of […]

“Let’s fly”#3 – Revolutions

Contd from #1 and #2 Sorry guys, I was a bit late in doing this. Enjoy the best within. Gary was astonished. He asked, “What the hell are you talking? Don’t talk crap. ” ” I’m telling the truth. My name is John. And you gotta believe me.” John pointed towards the governor and continued, […]

” Let’s Fly” #2

Contd from #1 Gary reached Tokyo on his hover bike. It was looking like a snowmobile, but was hovering in air and and the same blue energy was coming. It was connected to his body. Energy was transferring from his body to the bike. The night was very cold. The city was completely broken. There […]