The Accident…. Short story

Finally, Vikram made it. He made a real time machine.

He finally made the device by which atoms could travel through time.

He was excited. He took his bike. He revved it and started his journey from his lonely place to city to bring out a final item. He brought it out of the stinking garage filled with mice.

When he was half way to his destination, a small bandicoot obstructed. He applied breaks.


The breaks failed. The bike went over the bandicoot and the tyres skidded over the soft flesh and skin.

The bike continued in motion even after Vikram was thrown away, but in sleeping posture.

After 2 days

He was in the hospital in the city. Karan was waiting out side. The doctor discharged him. He was being taken to Karan’s house. Karan then said out, “Doctor told me not to tell this to you as this may cause anxiety in you, but I should… I should man… ”

“Tell the damn matter. ”

“The breaks failure saved you man. Someone fixed a TNT in the bike. After you were thrown away, the TNT exploded man… ”

“And the brakes? What happened? ”

“I don’t know….. But seems like the break wire’s cut… So…”

Vikram gave a grave stare at him. He said nothing but then slept. After waking up, he told”Take me to my place, I need to find who kept the TNT.”

“How? ”

Vikram, washing his face turned his face towards Karan and said, “I figured it out man. I made it. ”

Karan gave a astonished look.

In Vikram’s house

They reached it. They kept the last adjustment and ran the circuit.

The machine seemed right and had no flaws anywhere.

“Ok, it’s working! “, exclaimed Vikram.

Vikram went inside and started strucking few keys. The machine looked like a wardrobe with no door and top. It had may keys all over and had a modern chimney like thing in one corner.

Karan was excited and rubbed his hands. ” I’m coming”

“No,Grab the shotgun AND come in. ”

Karan nodded in excitement and brought the shotgun from an old case. He threw it to Vikram. Karan stepped in and Vikram pressed a key named LAUNCH.



Before two days

Karan was standing beside Vikram. The machine silenced after a long cry.

Vikram took out the part and fixed it to the machine.

Karan gave a ‘WHY’ stare.

Vikram said, “I guess you are planning to go back.”

Karan nodded. Vikram told, “Quick to the garage. ”

They ran to garage. Vikram was holding the gun ready. The TNT was not yet fixed.

Then something moved. Vikram became alert and shooted. Karan went forth to look what it was.


All other mice scattered and went away through the door.

Then Vikram remembered that he stopped in the way for almost half an hour and went to a store.

Vikram turned to Karan and told, “Man, he might have kept it near the store. Let’s go! ”

He stepped out and shot once into air.

He took the bike and said, “Let’s go. ”

Karan told that the bike was not safe again as they were not sure about the shop theory.

Karan said, “Let’s go man! We’ll think over and come again. ”


They went back. He left the bike outside only. He went to the machine and presses the button.


Karan was back. But Vikram was not there. He became e very tensed. He searched and searched. Finally went to hospital. He discovered that Vikram was dead.

He didn’t understand what happened, but soon he figured out.

A small mistake in past, took his life.

Vikram is dead. But how? What was the mistake he did? It’s a easy one .Please comment. I’m looking forward for many answers.

The Castle 2 -Short story

Continued from Castle one.

The old woman did nothing but to stare. She stared… And stared. Arjun, terrified decided to run.

Then breaking the silence of night, with nothing except cicadas sound, she told, ” The Royal Family was dead ages ago. Actually, I was too dead… Ages ago.. ”

“So, the Royal family’s ghosts and are killing the guys. ”

“Actually, no. They are protecting you.. Someone else is killing you guys..”

“Only one is dead right? Karthik? ”

“No.The people who went out for their job.. Or some work are also dead. ”

“So, what do I do? ”

“Not believe an old lady who’s telling tales.. ”


He felt a pain in his spine. He felt something penetrating through his backbone. He then looked back and saw that old woman stabbed him.

Ok i got it .. The Royal family’s innocent. The culprit is this damn idiotic bloody old woman!!!

Then the old woman walked off the lane as Arjun became truly motionless… Forever.

The old woman then walked into the large grass ground…. Filled with dead bodies…

She turned back as almost a hundred bodies were lying…dead!

The end..

The Castle – short story

The night was too cool. Nobody would wanna walk on grass that time. But Arjun had to. He reached out of the brick pavement in the large ground surrounded by high walls. I’m in a castle. He went near the garden in the dew-filled grass. He reached the row of flower plants. He walked down the line, examining all flowers. Then he stopped by medium sized plant. He plucked out the flower and smelled. “Hmm.. Jasmine.. “

Arjun woke up. Same dream again. He had been having the same dream since two weeks he was in the castle. He went there to spend the vacation with a rich family friend. Every time he got the dream, some more content was added. He then saw the large clock hanging on the wall. 7:45.

He removed the blanket and tidied the bed and walked out. They were already assembled for breakfast. The three families and the rich Royal host.

He smiled and sat. He didn’t eat food as he didn’t cleanse his teeth. He just took the phone out and was checking few messages.

The Royal woman said, ” Today, let’s have a party in the castle, Outdoors! ”

Everyone cheered and were really excited.

From Arjun’s family, his cousin, sister and mother attended. Karthik, best friend of Arjun was the only one who came from their family. The other family was big joint family.

Arjun slept.

“Hmm..Jasmine..” Arjun said. He then walked by the row of flowers. He finally reached a end with dense bushes. He then took out his pipe and started smoking. After a while he went forth to throw away some stuff in his hand. He then threw and heard an unusual sound of rats. He went near the bush. He used his leg to move the bush to see beneath it…

He woke up with a large exhaling. Damn…again?

He washed his face as the dream faded from his memory. He attended the party. He ate food. He then took the glass of fizzy orange drink from the unusually silent old lady. He then walked towards the row of flowers. He smelled one. Hmm… Jasmine..

He them moved to the bush, and smoked. He the heard the unusual sound and used his leg to move the bush.

Karthik.. ?

There was a body there lying, in a puddle of blood.

He turned back. He was afraid. Damn afraid. He looked up. The old is Oman was staring at him. He was having a cold stare.

Arjun felt a chill in his spine. His heart was pounding..

To be continued.

-Inspired from a tale by Nagendra Sarma. Visit him on

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